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September, 2011
Which Way Will You Step?  Making Your Decisions Make a Difference.

August, 2011
Get it together!  Five habits of exceptionally organized and successful people.

December, 2010
"Re-Gifting Life"

November, 2010
"Are You Stuck?  Try a Different Ladder"

June, 2010
"Fearless Living in a Fearful World"

March, 2010
"What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?"

November, 2009
"Are You Sharing Your Music?"

July, 2009
"Is July 4th Your Independence Day?"

May, 2009
"Moving Your Life Forward with Effective Boundaries"

January, 2009
"New Year's Resolution or Revolution:  Five steps to creating the shift and making 2009 your best year ever!"

November, 2008
"What Shape is Your Sail?"

August, 2008
"The Power of Focus"

July, 2008
"Purpose Step 2:  Your Life Purpose Foundation"

May, 2008
"Profile on Purpose: The Story that is Waiting to Happen" & "Purpose Step 1:  Discernment and Discovery"

March, 2008
"Profile on Purpose:  Truett Cathy" and "It All Starts With Vision"

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