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Re-Gifting Life

by Bradley Davidson


At my work team's annual Christmas party, re-gifting has become a running joke. It all started a

few years ago when someone was given a personal care kit - complete with clippers, a nail file,

and tweezers - as a Christmas gift.  Forgetting where the gift had come from, the poor recipient

re-gifted it and took it back to the same group's party the following year.  Once the

embarrassment of re-gifting went away, we all had a good laugh and it became a tradition to

re-gift the same kit each year and bring it back to the party.  Everyone in the office has now received that personal care kit at least once.


Re-gifting Christmas gifts is tricky business, at best.  If you perform a Google search for

"re-gifting", you will get over 300,000 results ranging from "How to re-gift without hurting feelings" to the "Social Faux Pas of Re-Gifting".  Whether re-gifting is a etiquette "no-no" or not is the

topic for someone else's newsletter.  However, there is one gift that is perfectly acceptable to

"re-gift"; in fact, this gift should be re-gifted.  That gift is the gift of our lives.


You have been given a life that is unique.  No one else in the universe is exactly like you.  You

have special talents, abilities, and passions.  You were given those special gifts of life for a

reason; to give away to others.  Not to give so that you will receive something in return but

giving for the sake of giving.  It is not until we give without an expectation of return that we

have truly given.


How would our world be different if each of us committed to giving away a part of ourselves

this year?  This could mean volunteering, offering to sit and listen with unconditional positive regard to a friend who is having problems, holding the hand and praying with someone who is

sick or dying, being present and available for a friend who is grieving.


Will you commit to changing the world this year by re-gifting that precious gift of you?  





Ideas for Re-Gifting Life


Here are a few ideas of ways to re-gift your life this holiday season and in the new year:


Volunteer at a local food pantry or service organization for the homeless.


Clean out your closet and donate your unused clothing to a local clothing bank

Involve your children in discarding old toys and donating to a store for underprivileged


Save your plastic shopping bags and fill them with socks, gloves, hand sanitizer and

non-perishable food items to give away to the homeless who are asking for help on the streets.  (Our church creates these bags in large numbers and I keep at least one in my backseat at all times to give to someone in need.)


Sign up to be a mentor to a young person who needs a positive adult role model.


Check your church or civic organization's website or newsletter to identify someone who

is experiencing loss or illness.  Go visit them and provide a listening ear and a caring



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