Profile On Purpose:  YOU!

By Bradley Davidson, MS, ACC
Life Purpose Coach

In my last "Profile on Purpose" column, I shared with you the story of Truett Cathy, the founder of "Chick-Fil-A", and how his vision of giving kids a chance has transformed countless lives. As I was thinking about the individual I would like to feature in this month's "Profile on Purpose", I thought of several highly recognizable individuals whose lives have been lived with purpose and passion. As I asked myself which of these individuals' stories would have the greatest impact on my readers, something occurred to me. You, my brilliant and gifted reader, have a story of life purpose that will be more meaningful that any story I can tell.

When you read the last sentence I just wrote, many of you probably agreed. Many of you have found your life's vision and purpose and are living it with great joy. However, some of you read that sentence and said, "What is he talking about? Me? Brilliant and Gifted? I have a story to tell about what?" To those of you who have found your life's calling and purpose, congratulations! I would love to hear more about it. To those of you who are still seeking, I am EXCITED for you. What a joyous journey to begin! Let's do it together. How? Read on.

Discovering and living your life purpose is a process...a journey. You have a divinely inspired purpose, a purpose for which you were specially created, just waiting to be discovered and played out. By following a few simple steps (the process is simple, but not always easy to do), you can be on your way to living out this special calling.  Over the next few months, I will be sharing these life-purpose steps with you. This month, we will focus on what I call Step 1: Discernment and Discovery.

The Purpose Steps

Step 1: Discernment and Discovery

"Discern" simply means "to perceive" or "to recognize". The first step to understanding your life purpose is "to perceive"; to make a conscious effort to be looking and listening to life and to God. Here are some ways to put yourself into a place in which you can discern and discover your purpose:

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The Story That is Waiting to Happen

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