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Personal Coaching
Professional Coaching

Coaching is a personal, powerful, catalyzing relationship between two individuals which facilitates great results in your life.  As your coach, Brad comes to the relationship not as a subject matter expert but rather as an expert at helping you identify and clarify your goals, identify the roadblocks, create a plan to meet those goals, and support your success by providing a resource and holding you accountable for making it happen.

Coaching is not therapy.  Therapy generally focuses on the past (for example, what in the past caused the situation today).  Coaching focuses on the present and the future.  Brad is not in the business of therapy; rather, the business of helping you live your greatest life.

While Brad is a Certified Life Coach in Oklahoma City, he conducts his coaching sessions by telephone.  Therefore, regardless of where you are on the planet, Brad is available to be your coach.  Coaching usually occurs either in three 40-minute sessions per month or two one-hour sessions each month, based on your preference.  Coaching begins before the session starts.  The client completes a pre-session prep form prior to each session which identifies successes and gaps for the week as well as the focus for the upcoming session.  The actual session usually begins by Brad and his client identifying the goal for that session.  Then, together, they work to co-create a plan to achieve the goals.  Sometimes, the session ends with "fieldwork" (as Brad calls it) in which Brad requests the client work on assignments (designed to help reach the ultimate goals of the client) during the week.  It is important to understand that, while this describes a typical coaching scenario, the client ultimately controls the agenda.  Coaching is your opportunity to be self-centered in a positive way.  During your coaching session, it's all about YOU! 

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