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Wanting to find your life purpose?  Not accomplishing what you want in life?  Feel overworked?  Have a big goal you want to reach?  These are just a few of the things my clients bring to our coaching relationship.  Whatever it is that's "big" in your life, let's talk about it.  Coaching may be the way to make the shift and dramatically change the direction, success, and the joy in your life.  While Bradley is an Oklahoma City Life Coach, he can coach any client, regardless of location.  He is truly a global life coach.

How does life coaching work?

You're the client so, as Brad says, "the agenda is always yours".  Brad usually suggests starting gaining a clear understanding of what's going great in your life and what are the things you really want to happen for you.  Using his powerful coaching style, Brad then helps you peel away the layers of the onion to discover what is at the heart of your goals and what is getting in your way.  Then together, we create the strategies and the plans needed to move you from where you are to where you want to be.  While this is a typical scenario, Brad stresses the fact that the coaching process is 100% customizable to meet your desired  goals.

Some of the unique benefits of working with Brad

  • You'll be working with a coach with integrity, honesty, and a unique ability to ask you the questions that help you see the issue from a new perspective
  • You'll have a partner who will bring out your very best and will not let you settle for anything less
  • You'll have a strategic thought partner who is just as adept at providing tactical, "in the trenches", help and coaching
  • A structure that helps you stay focused on your life goals

Is it time to move your life forward?

Are you ready to take the big step forward?  Click the link to schedule your free introductory life coaching session. 
Life Coaching
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