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Professional & Leadership Coaching
                                                                      Craft the vision...
                                                                Create the strategy...
                                                                Lead the team to success.

Whether you are in the C-suite, are a sole entrepreneur, are a mid-level manager, or a ministry leader, your organization relies heavily on your ability for visionary and engaging leadership.  And your role couldn't be more demanding and complex that in today's climate.  Bradley Davidson has over twenty years leadership experience; in both manager and senior level roles in several of America's most respected Fortune organizations.  In addition to that real-world experience, Brad has an extensive background in leader development and coaching.  He knows what it takes to be a successful leader.  And he knows how to engage his clients to craft the vision, create the strategy, and lead.  Working with Bradley Davidson as your coach, you have a seasoned partner.  While Bradley is an Oklahoma City Leadership Coach, because he works with most of his clients by phone, he has clients around the world.  He is truly a global executive coach.

How does professional / leadership coaching work?

You're the client so, as Brad says, "the agenda is always yours".  Brad usually suggests starting gaining a clear understanding of your business or ministry goals; what's critical for you to deliver.  Then, using optional 360-degree feedback tools and leadership assessments, together we identify what's standing in the way.  Like any good business partnership, we then create a vision, strategy, and goals to move you from where you are to where you want to be.  Then, it's all about the execution.  Brad is your coaching partner each step of the way.  While this is a typical scenario, Brad stresses the fact that the coaching process is 100% customizable to meet your desired business or leadership outcomes.

Some of the unique benefits of working with Brad

Is it time to move your leadership and your business forward?

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