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Define your life's Third Act with Bradley Davidson as your coach!

If our retirement years are our "Third Act", where's the script?  You've worked and planned hard to get here....now what?  Now is the time to make extraordinary contributions in the world, your family, with your health, and with your leisure time.  Bradley Davidson is an Oklahoma City Retirement Coach but since he meets with most clients by phone, he works with clients around the world.  Working with Brad as your coach, you have a professional by your side to create the plan for the best years of your life.

How does retirement coaching work?

You're the client so, as Brad says, "the agenda is always yours".  Brad usually suggests starting by gaining a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be.  Then, based on your needs, the retirement coaching process may include assessments (Brad is certified in Myers-Briggs, the Strong Interest Inventory, and others) and life purpose exploration tools.  Once you've identified who you want to be and what you want to do in Act Three, Brad helps you create and execute the plan that will get you to your goals.  Brad stresses the fact that the coaching process is 100% customizable to meet your desired retirement outcomes.

Some of the unique benefits of working with Brad

  • You'll be working with a seasoned life purpose coach (nearly 15 years in the human resources and human development profession)
  • Help dealing with the uncertainties of life with real-world approaches
  • You'll start to understand your "calling"; that passion that will fill your life each and every day
  • A structure that helps you stay focused on your non-financial retirement goals

Is it time to move into Act Three with purpose and passion?

Are you ready to take the big step forward?  Click the link to schedule your free introductory retirement coaching session.  Let's get started living on purpose!
Retirement Coaching
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