See what Bradley's Clients Say...

"Bradley is a true professional.  I left each session in awe of how he could get right to the heart of whatever I was "rambling" about.  At the beginning of each session, if I knew something was off but I did not know how to proceed, he could see what I needed to focus on and would lead me to it by asking me great, empowering questions.  He shared strategies and tasks with me that would have taken me years to come to on my own.  I have read many books and attended many business "mastermind" forums but the work I did with Bradley in a very short period of time made a much greater shift in me as a leader and as a business owner than any of those other opportunities.  I have recommended Bradley to many friends who I know are ready to take it to the next level."

Cara M.

"Please don't think life coaching is only for when things are going wrong in your life.   Bradley helped me move from a successful time in my life to a successful AND fulfilling place where there is balance and purpose."

Micah W.

"Brad is exceptionally practical. Every time we spoke I came away with a new perspective and at least three highly actionable ideas."

Alan F.
New York

"I was at a crossroads in my life.  I had heard of professional coaching and decided to give it a try.  I chose Bradley Davidson because of his credentials as a coach, his personal achievements, and his outstanding moral values.  I am so glad I took this journey with him as my coach.  Brad helped me gain new insights into myself.  He also helped me set goals and organize them into steps I could take to lead me from where I was, to where I want to be.  I consider Brad to be not only a wonderful coach, but a wonderful friend as well.  Thanks Brad!"

Amber B.

"Brad's coaching empowers me in a way I've not experienced before.  He has a range of interacting that creates a well-spring of creativity and persistence in me to resolve issues keeping me from my goal!  Thank you so much, Brad!"  
Linda B.

"Brad helps me develop and carry out the strategies necessary to meet my goals. His divergent thinking abilities put me right back on track when I temporarily derail, and his strong visualization skills motivate me to move along the path that leads me to achieve my objectives."

Elicia T.

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